17 Desember, 2009

The 20 Best Videos of 2009 menurut spin.com

ini list diambil dari spin[dot]com [14 Desember 2009]

20. Lady Gaga, "Bad Romance"
Directed by Francis Lawrence

19. Death Cab for Cutie, "Little Bribes"
Directed by Ross Ching

18. The xx, "Crystalised"
Directed by Alex Flick and Masato Riesser

17. UCB featuring Wale, "Pat Your Weave"
Directed by Rik Cordero

16. Beck and Charlotte Gainsbourg, "Heaven Can Wait"
Directed by Keith Schofield

15. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Heads Will Roll"
Directed by Richard Ayoade

14. Handsome Furs, "I'm Confused"
Directed by Scott Coffey

13. The Dead Weather, "Treat Me Like Your Mother"
Directed by Jonathan Glazer

12. Yeasayer, "Ambling Alp"
Directed by Radical Friend

11. Bat for Lashes, "Daniel"
Directed by Johan Renck

10. Depeche Mode, "Wrong"
Directed by Patrick Daughters

09. She & Him, "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?"
Directed by Mark Webb

08. Manchester Orchestra, "Shake It Out"
Directed by Isaac Rentz

07. Chairlift, "Evident Utensil"
Directed by Ray Tintori

06. The Avett Brothers, "Slight Figure of Speech"
Directed by Jody Hill

05. Major Lazer "Pon de Floor"
Directed by Eric Wareheim

04. Nyle, "Let the Beat Build"
Directed by Chadd Harbold

03. Fever Ray, "When I Grow Up"
Directed by Martin de Thurrah

02. Brat Pack's mashup of Phoenix's "Lisztomania"
Directed by Sarah Newhouse

01. Matt & Kim, "Lessons Learned"
Directed by Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault

*untuk video yang nomor satu, kalo misalnya itu dibuat sama orang Indonesia, pasti bikin geger n kena cekal.. hahaha,, parah!!*

*diambil secara semena-mena dari

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